User Management Features

Users in Projectory are easy to set up and manage. Individuals log in using their full name and can manage all of their account details themselves. The interface is streamlined to minimize the time and effort required to effectively use the software: each user has a main page with links to all of the functions and reports that they are allowed to access, and a user is never more than two clicks away from any given functionality.

User Groups
Each user account is associated with one or more user groups, with access to functionality that's appropriate for that group. You define the groups and the associated functionality through the Projectory web interface. This gives you the ability to mirror your organizational structure and roles within Projectory itself. If your development team consists of developers, team leads, and project managers, you can define each of these as a group and decide exactly what functionality you want each group to have access to.

All users should be assigned to one or more teams. Teams can be permanent or ad-hoc, and can be set to active or inactive. Membership in a team determines which projects users have access to.

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