Overview of Features

Projectory is a simple but powerful tool for project management. Its streamlined web interface, robust functionality, and easy-to-read reports make it a great choice for technology professionals who want to better track and understand the nature of the effort expended across a software development group.

What Makes Projectory Great?

Projectory is easy to install.
Because it is based on open source technologies and is platform-agnostic right out of the box, it is equally at home in Windows, *NIX, or Mac OS X environments.

Projectory is easy to use.
Users log in with their real names, and are immediately taken to a task-pad view that shows all of the functions and reports that they are permitted to access. Creating work entries, managing teams, creating projects, and viewing reports are all quick and easy. A user is never more than two clicks away from any functionality.

Projectory keeps your software development projects on track.
By providing up-to-date information on how much actual effort is being expended across activities, projects, and teams, Projectory lets you measure the reality of your development costs against the "best case scenarios" provided by project planning software. This means that you can react to change rapidly-- saving time, effort, and maybe even your job.

Projectory adapts to your org chart.
Use the default user group settings to manage access to functionality, or define new user groups to match the roles and responsibilities in your software development organization.


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